The King’s Lament

Don't Be Cruel

Don’t Be Cruel

It's Now or Never

It’s Now or Never


I Gotta Know

Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Are You Lonesome Tonight?

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Old Stories Found

Originally posted on Ellen Morris Prewitt's Blog:

After a long hiatus, I submitted a couple of short stories to literary magazines today.

I’ve been working on the new website, mulling over what stories I wanted to include. The website will have a “Photo Bio” featuring a sentence about my life that reflects a dominant themes in my work and a representative photo. Click on the photo and you can read (or listen) to work that engages the theme.

For example, under the “I grew up to be a lawyer and show clothes on the runway,” you will be able to click on a glamor shot and read The Dress, which appeared in Skirt! Magazine, or listen to “Show the Clothes.” where two models get into fisticuffs.

Given my recent proclivities, much of the fiction will be in audio form, but I also want to include PDFs folks can read. I knew I’d use “Held at…

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Picture Your Life

My first big writing gig was on 📻.

I wrote ✐ and read 👓 commentaries for the local NPR station.

One of the commentaries won an award 🎉 from NPR. 2nd place, but still an award 🏆.

Who could have foreseen 🔮 that this gig would lead me to record my short stories one day?

I have a 💿 of those commentaries somewhere.


(That’s a bathtub. It has nothing to do with anything. I just liked it)

My point being, you never know what constitutes a 🚪in your life.

It’s too random, really, to try to figure 📐out.

So just do what you love. 🏊 🎳 🚵 📖 👠

And do it before you run out of time ⏳

Now, if I can just figure out a way to make 💰 off of this.

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We Won!

Cain’t Do Nothing with Love won 1st Place in the Audio Book category of the 2014 CIPA EVVY Awards!!!

For those of you who know what’s what, you remember I was disturbed by my misplaced adjective. What should have been “a collection of award-winning short stories” became on my 14 intros “an award-winning short story collection.” I couldn’t afford to re-record ALL of the intros so I set out to remedy this error by winning an award.

I’m pleased to announce I was successful. I researched organizations granting awards to self-publishers/independent presses and submitted to two. Lo and behold, CDNWL won 1st place in one of them. Even better, they included recognition to my talented friend Preston Johnson who did the sound engineering.

I am so pleased.

I’m sure there’s a quote somewhere about never knowing what motivator will lead you down the path you need to go on. If not, there is now.

Remember: You Cain’t Do Nothing with Love


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frogspawn jacket

Ellen Morris Prewitt:

Love this blob “Hello, Fig” by Ben Stainton. This Frogspawn jacket is fabulous

Originally posted on Hello, Fig:

frogspawn jacket

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Thumbs Up

I’m learning to ask my tribe for support. If you’ve listened to the stories and you like them, will you please follow this link and click on a Thumbs Up?


If you’ve listened to the stories on this blog, on iTunes, on a CD, or on YouTube, you might need to click on one of the stories and register a download before your Thumbs Up can be counted. I’m not sure about that. I’m pretty sure you’ll know your vote counts if the percentage shifts. Probably.

Many people will not like my work; that’s the way taste works. If you DO like it, I’d appreciate your support.

If you’re truly inspired and you want to leave a comment, then I’ll be doing a little end zone dance over here in front of my computer screen.  

BTW—yes, that’s me reading the stories. Narrator, they call it. Southern, in my case.

Thank you!

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Random Thoughts August 2014

Originally posted on Ellen Morris Prewitt's Blog:

Random Thoughts:

* When it comes to what we call domestic violence, we refuse to acknowledge society’s interest in not having someone beat someone else up—if she forgives him, well, we should too

* If your brand of religion doesn’t make you joyous to be alive, you might want to rethink that

* If anything really bad ever happened to me, I’d get so sick of people telling me to see the bright side—”the blessings”—I’d want to punch them

* Think before you name your child

* If your parents didn’t think before they named you, change your name

* If you do the job I really hate and I do the job you really hate, none of us will have to do the job we really hate

* When I finish swimming, I think, your hips are fine, and I hop on the train of hope, convinced if I…

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