Photos from Our Trip

We went to Central Europe. Here’s a photo of a chicken in the Czech Republic:


Czech Chicken

Czech Chicken

Here’s a photo of chickens in Bulgaria:

Bulgaria Yard Birds

Bulgaria Yard Birds

Here’s a photo of a chicken in Serbia:

Serbian Rooster

Serbian Chicken

We had fun in Central Europe

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More TIps 4 a Damn Good Life

Stop and smell the summer grass—I mean bend down, butt in the air, and smell the damn grass

Tell ALL our damn faults—people already know them anyway

Spend the damn $

Bite into the peach—don’t worry about the damn worm

If you feel so bad you want to put your head under the damn sofa, put your head under the damn sofa

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Tips 4 a Damn Good Life

Leave the dishes in the damn sink.

Don’t drive on roads where you can’t roll down the damn window.

Hold up the sign & let people stare even if you feel like a damn fool.

Love the music you grew up with even if they’ll know your old as damn dirt.

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Tips 4 a Damn Good Life

Tell your story — let the others tell their own damn story.

Swat the damn mosquito, step on the damn roach, spray the damn ants – if it comes around, let it.

Caffeine helps, it helps a whole damn lot.

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Tips 4 a Damn Good Life

Every once in a while remember to wiggle your damn toes.

You can get a lot done if you don’t have to do it all at the same damn time.

Lie down in the damn grass—the neighbors will get over it.

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I’m Southern . . . Kind of Sort of

I sit on my front porch



except it’s a balcony that wraps around a cottonwood

TALLLLLL Cottonwood

we let tangle into a treehouse.


I have my iced tea

iced tea

except it’s iced green tea, no sugar in sight.


I have my hound dog near


Her most aggressive act is to wrestle a stick to the ground


The Stick Lost

The Stick Lost

but she’s a good watchdog nonetheless.


I’ve got a big-ass fan


to blow away the mosquitos.


(my awesome outlet that runs the fan)


Give me a crepe myrtle over a magnolia any day

Lipstick Crepe Myrtle

Lipstick Crepe Myrtle


My husband’s pickup is a bitty Toyota


All around me the cottonwood falls from the trees like Southern snow—you can see each flake—while ghosts from the island’s past slosh ashore seeking remembrance of days gone by when no bridge connected the muddy slab to the mainland or even further back when DeSoto stood splay-legged on the bluffs and sought his dreams of gold.

"The Deep South might be wretched, but it can howl" Barry Hannah

“The Deep South might be wretched, but it can howl” Barry Hannah

This is my Southern home  . . .  kind of sort of.

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Closing the World Cup

Yes, the U.S. is out of the World Cup, and our own series is about to close. This will be our last entry, and it will be short.

The countries who have shown surprising strength in downloads: Moldova, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Costa Rica.

I have visited these countries of download: U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany, Mexico, France, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Israel, Poland, Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, Sweden, Slovakia, Switzerland, and Romania.

My world map of downloads is almost all blue, blue being the color that indicates at least one story has been downloaded; but that’s because so many of the countries of download (Russia, Canada, Australia) are BIG.

The most interesting fact: Someone in Uganda listened to Squiggles the Squirrel, a short story described thusly:
A young boy must quickly grow up to protect his mother from a lover who wears a squirrel costume.

Signing off until next year: be real, be international


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